PCG10 @ PCLAB2000SE @ WinXP SP3 32b

Hello dear Velleman,

I downloaded latest version of PCLAB2000SE from this web and installed it to my old PC with new WinXP SP3 installation.
After short work I may say that it works with my PCS500 as well as with PCG10. BUT. I found one bug:

When I open window for Function Generator (PCG10), there are scroll bars for offset and amplitude adjustments. Bars works correctly and numeric values as well us graphic shape are changing as I move scroll bars.
But when I use direct numeric values input from keyboard, it doesnt works. And cells with numeric values are no more actualized even if I use scroll bars again.

I must exit PCLAB2000SE and run it again …

What is wrong? It is bug in the PCLAB2000SE? Or bad compactibility with WinXP SP3 32?

thanks for help,

Did you press the Enter key after entering the values?

You are right. Sorry for my rubbish.
Nevertheless thank you for your beautiful support (not only this thread). At this date it is exceptional how Velleman works with their users.
Love it.

You may delete this thread …


No problem.
It’s sometimes so easy… :slight_smile:
Thank you for your reply.