Pccsg u250 will not calibrate

I just received the pcsc u250 and am having trouble installing it on both xp and windows 7. the cd didn’t load automatically. I did it by copying the files. on both computers, thescreen just freezes when I attempt to calibrate the oscilloscope. it stays at 0 percent. I do not have the probes connected at all. am I doing something wrong? any help is greatly appreciated. I am on a time crunch to get a project finished and need this scope to work…

Please download and install the latest software and the driver for the PCSGU250 from this web page:
velleman.eu/support/download … U250&type=

“Drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Can also be used for Windows XP)”
“Software, PCSGU250 software package, (can also be used as demo version) Rev 1.12
(released on 15/10/2012)”

Here you can download the detailed step-by-step instructions how to install the driver in Windows 7: box.com/s/vh9olqyx3idhhxn8ujwm

Before installing you have to uninstall the current driver.

Here are instructions how to update the driver if you do not remove the current driver first:

Please see this thread how to update driver in Windows XP: