PC-Lab200 saving bode plot settings?

I am using PC-Lab200 to acquire some bode plots. While I am able to save and restore the settings of the oscilloscope, I cant do the same with the circuit analyzer module. Every time I start the program I have to enable Audio Range, Automatic voltage adjust, and all the display settings. Is there a way to change the preferences on this module? Otherwise I really like the software.

many thanks,

I’m sorry, there is no option to restore the settings of the circuit analyzer.
Only the oscilloscope settings can be saved and restored.

Many thanks for the fast reply! So here is a topic for the wish list for the next version :slight_smile: It would be enough from my perspective, to have the settings from the last session restored by default. Of courses it would be even better to save specific configurations for all the modules…

Many thanks, Karsten

Thank you for the feedback.
All suggestions, comments and questions are welcome.
I’m sorry, at the moment we have no plans to update the PCLab200 software.
Anyhow, this feature can be considered for possible future releases.