Pc lab 2000

I’m after an update for the PCLAB 2000 software.
We’ve 2 PCS500s here, one is running the original software and the other has the PCLAB2000Se v.3.1 which is much improved.
Are the software updates still available?


Thankyou, don’t know how I missed it!

It may be useful to have on option to display “oscilloscope” and “spectrum analyzer” views simultaneously, in different windows.
Hope it will be implemented in future versions of PCLAB…

Thank you for this suggestion to improve the PcLab2000SE program.

It is quite difficult to integrate the waveform display to the existing programs but there is a workaround…
The DSOLink.DLL can be used to transfer the waveform data to a separate waveform display program.

Here is the link to download such a program, WaveMonitor.exe: box.net/shared/b9leyioul5

The DSOLink.DLL must be in the same folder with the WaveMonitor.exe.

The program can be used with the following oscilloscopes: K8031, PCS100, PCS500, PCSU1000
The source code is included to the download package.

You have to download also updated version 4.01 of the PcLab2000SE.
Here is the download link: box.net/shared/1zam7xydu3

The new features of the v4.01 are following:
K8031, PCS100: Added support for the DataReady function of the DSOLink.DLL.
K8031, PCS100, PCS500, PCSU1000: The waveform data is output to the DSOLink.DLL in spectrum analyzer mode too.

Here’s a screenshot of the Waveform Monitor: