Parts are bending upwards at edges

Have some problems with bending edges. Only the last 2-3mm of edges bending upwards of about 1.5mm. The longer the part, the stronger the effect.
Using Kapton foil, 50°C bed temp, 191°C extruder temp, and adjusted 0.25mm nozzle/bed spacing.
Uneveness of bed was measured with 0 to -0.08mm in printing range.
Could I adjust some parameters to avoid this?
Thanks, Thomas

This sounds like you are working with the K8200.
You didn’t say what you were printing with PLA or ABS.

Try setting the bed temp to 60C.
I have changed the settings in slicer so my bed will go to 55C for the first layer then 70C for all other layers.

You could try printing with a brim.

Yes, sorry, took the wrong board…I indeed use the K8200…and PLA

Will try a slightly higher bed temp for 1st and following layers.

Thanks for reply.

If you are printing on glass you might try putting a light coat of hair spray on it as well.