Part number for motor driver heat sinks?

Hi, does anyone have a part number or spec for their heat sinks they put on their motor driver IC’s? It is a complex world to find the right part in. Did you glue them on the chips?

I got skipping steps once I added the weight of a mirror to the heatbed, so I turned up the voltage adjustment to the x and y motor drivers, but now it doesn’t run as smooth, I can see jitters from little jerkiness in my prints now. Am hoping with the heatsinks I can lower the voltage on the motor drivers and not have skipped steps ruining prints.


You should set them to 0.55 but don’t go over 0.6

It is at .55v, now, but ran smoother and quieter at .425v. It only started skipping steps when I added the mirror, after months of printing directly on the pcb.

Does the bed move freely by hand?

Yes, I spent time adjusting and shimming the carriage to get smooth sliding in both x and y direction. The jerkiness is on a small level, but it translates as repeating bumpiness/roughness in the perimeters.

My theory is that the motor driver overheats a little from doing lots of squiggles (like hexagon infill). Maybe this isn’t so, but it started happening more and more, further into the print, suggesting a heat buildup issue. I just wanted to heat sink them to check it off the list.

I wish the PCB was flat. The lighter the carriage is, the better. I thought about getting a MKIII reprap aluminum pcb heatbed, but the holes are in the wrong spot.

Just a thought,

The screws that hold the pulleys on the motors are they tight?
Mine came loose after a lot of print jobs.
Maybe the extra weight of the mirror is making them slip.