Panel jammed into nozzle on first auto home

Firstly I dont have much experience troubleshooting this stuff, and cant seem to find another topic on the same problem.

So after assembling my 8400 and running the first ‘auto home’ to calibrate the z- axis. The plate went all the way up into the nozzle, and started making motor noises.

The z endstop is wired correctly it seems, and the led in the endstop is on. I tried loosening the 20mm bolt on the z axis ( so it sticks out og the z-axis), but it kept making the noises when i turned in on autohome again.

I am bit worried of damaging the nozzle, so what could be a good way of troubleshooting.


Did you screw the Z calibration piece as described in the manual?


yes think so. (does it look right?)

(the bolt is all the way out because i wanted to prevent the nozzle and plate hitting)

I think you went the wrong way.
The higher you make the flag the lower the bed will be.
Try turning the screw in Clock wise.

Thanks, that was indeed the problem.

I think i got confused with the text in the ‘calibrating z-axis’ section.

Am i reading it wrogn? or does it say that you have to loosen the screw to make it stop a bit lower.

anyways thanks.