P8095-4 - Whistling noise with decreasing frequency


I’m working on an MP3 radio for my small one based on the P8095-4 kit. I started with the kit and it worked fine, so I concentrated on the housing and periphery. Now, that I have everything together, there is a problem.

I can turn on the kit and the red LED is on. Even without starting playback, the voltage regulators and the amplifier get very hot. When I turn on playback using the Play/Pause button, I can hear a whistling noise on both channels with decreasing frequency and volume. Again, the voltage regulators and the amp get very hot. There is no sound from an MP3 and I did not run it in that state longer than 10s.

Do you have an idea, what the problem could originate from?

Best regards, Andreas

Have you checked the power supply voltage is OK?

It is ok. I used a 12V power supply and an 11V LiPO. Both worked fine before (whatever happened), but both show the same effect now. Another idea? :slight_smile:

Maybe a broken solder joint or MP3 module fitting problem…