P6707'1 Manual to set remote


I have a P6707’1 for the garage door.
I lost one of the 2 remotes I had.

I went to the store and they gave me the VM130T remote.

Are these even compatible (it looks like the same remote I had, only this one is black, the old one was blue)?
How do I set the P6707’1 to accept the signal from my new remote?
I don’t see a button on it to press. I tried powering it on and off to see if somthing would happen, but nothing happened.

Luckely the other remote I already had still works, but 2 remotes would be much better.

Does someone have the manual/instructions on how to make the P6707’1 accept a new signal?



You may want to download the instructions for the K8059 (kit)
Look at page 9

I hope this helps

Unfortunatly no.
I need to know how to set the P6707’1 to accept the signal from my new remote.

The remote is pre assembled and I get how I can create a new code with my remote.
But I am nothing with a remote that sends out a random code that isn’t accepted by my P6707’1 board.

So I need the manual of the P6707’1

Unless there is somthing I don’t get :s
I didn’t install this system, it was the previous owner…

Look at the link wrong way gave you.

There you can find the three codes that are available for the combination of your old receiver and your new remotes. Adapt receiver and remotes to one of these three codes.

Sorry, K6706 transmitter has been discontinued in 2004.
We do not recommend to use the VM130T for your purpose as there are only 3 codes available to emulate the K6706. This will not offer much security.
At this time, we do not carry any other transmitters compatible with K6706.
We recommend to replace both transmitter and receiver.
Choose either VM130 or VM160, depending on the number of channels required. They offer better security and more functions than the old K6706/07.