OS App Function FFT

Is that Planes in the App a FFT Function?
I looking with splitcore current transformer and VOLTAGE Converter on the Powerline for Analyse harmonics.
So i find the WFS210 a Real Tod Portables system if the functions are Works.
Have anyboady a Information aboout the App and the Future of this App?

There’re currently no plans to add FFTfunctionality to the apps.

But if we decided to implement new features we will sure take a look at the FFT functionality.

If you want it sooner and you have some programming skills. You can look at our github (github.com/Velleman) profile were the source code of the apps are available.

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Thanks for the answer and the information.
my self are not a programmer but i know one it guey he makes his ingenierdegree in informatik with fft analyze programming.
i will ask him if he understand the code for apps pogromming.

But FFT for me as an electricalingenier the most importune thinks.

And your concept with wireless adapters to Pads or Multimediaphones are great.
We can be have the instruments all-time at person.