Orientation led lights wsl109

I have a question as a beginner. I bought the wsl109 kit.
But when soldering the led lights the manual is not correct. It says that the led lights should be soldered with the cathode on top. A vertical orientation.

On the bord however the holes are positioned horizontal without any signs how to solder the led. Should the cathode be on the left or right?


If you look closely at the LED, you have a flat side to the casing of the LED. The flat side of the LED, corresponds to the shorter leg of the LED. The flat side of the LED or shorter leg is side of the Cathode (negative).
The larger leg and convex side of the LED is the Anode ( positive).

On the printed circuit board (PCB) the component side is the also the LED housing print drawn of the LED. If you look carefully at the printing for LED identifier: LD1 - to LD7, and if you hold the component side towards you, all the flat sides are facing right. So you mount the LED with the short leg facing the flat side (right). See also clearer illustration below:

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Yes! Thanks for the reply. This helps me a lot as a beginner :slight_smile:

That’s gladly done, have fun making and using the mini kit.

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