Opto-Switch with K2543

I have a 1903 veteran car, originally it had trembler-coil ignition, but some time in the 1990’s someone replaced this with electronic ignition. This works with a coil, sparkplug, 12v battery etc, the electronics are housed in an aluminium box, they are encapsulated, but there is no makers identification at all. The ignition trigger is an opto-switch sensing the crank TDC position. Again there are no makers marks on the opto-switch. As a result I can’t get direct replacements. I’m hoping that a K2543 kit will be usable on my car?

My question is: can I use an opto-switch to trigger the K2543? Would one with a transistor output be suitable? If so could anyone please suggest the best way to wire it up?

Thanks for your help, Brian.

Hello Brian, I once modified such a Velleman kit with a sensor.
Let me know if you still need this circuit.

Yes, please let me have it…

You can replace the sensor in the elec. diagram with a different type (opto, …).
Use NPN type (negative output)!!

Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile: