Open8055 question to the lurkers

I understand that there are usually very few “vocal” people on boards like these, and a larger number of “lurkers”. For those who don’t know: a “lurker” is someone who watches, follows and eventually uses all the stuff they see, but doesn’t speak up. For those, actively participating in the discussion, those “lurkers” are more or less invisible. The term is not derogatory. It is just a specific type of “user”, every software project or online community has.

I have been trying to get participation in the Open8055 project for some time now, with more or less ZERO success. I kept everything working with Windows so far, because I believe this is what most people are using and therefore need. I don’t use Windows myself, except for running the PIC18 development environment. I normally do everything under Unix. I have no problem with the fact that people do, I just chose Unix as my personal platform over 25 years ago, and haven’t seen any reason to change that decision yet.

That said, I still think that supporting both platforms would make sense, if there was anyone using this stuff on Windows. However, with little to no feedback to the Open8055 firmware, network server and remote access, there is no point for me to keep doing this.

If you do use or intend to use anything from Open8055, please respond.



I have read about the Open8055 project with great interest. However, I am quite new to PICs and could use a little help off list.

I can’t seem to find an email link on any of these pages. Can someone contact me please?

My email address is in my profile. Thanks


Mail sent.