On the extruder board, there is a burn mark

I received the extruder board and also the second extruder. I now see, now that the plug is on the extruder board, there is a burn mark on the plug. Apparently there has been a short in the plug between the male and female pins at the location of the purple cable. Follow this cable to the motherboard and see that it belongs to the heater1. But now I also see a few scorched components on the motherboard (see photo). What are the benefits and how could this be? What else could be broken?
Having searched on the internet now, I see it’s the K8400 Stepper Motor Driver Board’s.

Greetings Auke

Hello Auke,

The Stepper driver boards needs to be replaced.
Here You can find spare “Stepper driver boards” Stepper driver board - Whadda.

For the extruder board You can open a new ticket here, so We can send You a new printhead extruder board.

Best regards,
Velleman support