Older version of the K8017

I have one of the older (I think it is older) version of the 3 channel light organ … it is similar to the K8017, but has 4 integrated circuits onboard, in addition to the three triacs, and only 1 LED (power) … the only identification I can find on the board is P5202’1.

The IC’s are:
IC1, IC2, and IC3 - K3020P opto-isolators - 6 pin dip
IC4 - LM324N - QUAD OPAMP - 14 pin dip
TR1 - 3 - TIC206M - TRIAC

Any idea where to find further information on this kit?
Mine has partially died, (low channel stays on solid, mid range does not come on at all, and high range seems to function normally).
We sure enjoy using it for our Christmas tree lights, so I would like to find information on it so I can repair it.

A diagram of this obsolete item can be found here (within an hour):