Nylon Filament Repetier

Hi all,
Question, can i print Nylon with the Delta?
In the Repetier it is not there, how can i make that work?
Like to get advice.
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Where are the Velleman advisors???

Hello @TomE ,

We do not have a cura config file for Nylon filament(s). But technically it would be possible with some adjustments on the printer (and make a config file). But rather because this filament type is very difficult for printing and less user-friendly (not plug & play). This for several reasons why:

  • Prone to Warping
  • Air-tight storage required to prevent water absorption
  • Improperly dried filaments can cause printing defects
  • Not suitable for moist and humid environments

Requirements for the 3d printer, to be able to print with nylon filament.

  • Heated Bed Required: => Temperature: 70-90 °C
  • Enclosure Recommended
  • Hotend needs high Temperature: 240-265 °C
  • May require All-Metal hotend (including nozzle).

Source technical printing issues:Ultimate Materials Guide - 3D Printing with Nylon (simplify3d.com)

So these are the reasons why we don’t support nylon filament.

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Velleman Support

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