Nozzle touches the model on higher levels

I’m having a weird issue where the bottom layers of a model is printing fine, but about 30mm or so up the nozzle starts touching the model (you can hear it scratch over the model when it homes for the next layer) and eventually the model is knocked loose from the buildtak and lost.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Oiled the rods, and magnets
  • Checked the belts and endstops
  • Recalibrated (home/height/auto/save)

What could be causing this behaviour?


Maybe this setting can solve the problem: Use this function always for slicing the 3D-models.

Use In Cura the function “Z Hop When Retract” by Travel settings.
To see this function in the list, You’ll need to set the Printer settings in Advanced mode!

Hope this will solve your problem.

Best regards,
Velleman Support

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That solved it perfectly, thank you for the tip!

Hello Rezan,

Thanks for the feedback :+1:
Nice to hear it’s working now!

Best regards,
Velleman Support