Nozzle / filament tube get clogged all the time on new printer

I bought Vertex Delta few days ago and managed to basically print keychain and one other object - latter with not very good quality (I also printed it with 0.2 layer height). But when I next tried 0.1 layer, the nozzle or the filament got stuck. I unloaded the the filament and it had thinken from the end, too much heat? From there on it has been downhill. I have only managed to print partial small objects, nothing with 0.1 layer and I have taken out the nozzle twice to be able to push the stucked filament out of the printhead. I have also tried 190C instead of 200C (I’m using Vertex silver PLA) without success.

What I did notice that the big fan cooling the printhead does not do anything when I print. Shouldn’t it be keeping the filament cooled?

I think the printer also “crashed” after first print. The lcd was all “white” and I had to power cycle the printer.

Is there diagnostic procedure to check the signal to the fan? ( I have all possible tools to diagnose and fix electronics, from oscilloscopes to soldering microscope)


It is indeed not correct that your fan is not working, This is also the cause of all your problems.
This fan should always run (when you switch on your printer). If it is not working it is either blocked by something or defect.

This fan cools the heatbreak of the nozzle, if it is not working the fillament will always get stuck…

If defect please open a ticket here: and link to this conversation to obtain a replacement part.

Thank you for quick response!

I just checked that the fan gets 12-13V nicely when printer is powered but does not work, so I took of the fan and tested it with 12V psu directly and fan seems to be dead. I’ll contact the support

I’m sorry you have this experience, We have changed the manual slightly so the user can doublecheck this fan on first start-up to be sure it is working.

This fan is also being checked in production however, so we are very sorry you ended up with a defect part.

Please make a ticket as mentioned in my earlier post so they can help you with a new part.



I have talked to our support staff and we have already sent a replacement fan to your dealer (RADIODUO). Is this correct?


This is correct, thank you. I made temporary solution (adapter) by using the connector from original fan and old fan I took from minicomputer and I can confirm that printer is now working.

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I still have one problem. The nozzle is leaking stuff from its “root” (between nozzle and heating element). When I removed the clogged filament 2-3 times, I probably managed to damage some parts or not tighten parts correctly and after there was initial leak, it is impossible to remove all the material from the thread of the nozzle/heating element which then results to not be able to tighten is correctly -> still leaks and I have to clean the sides of the nozzle every 20-30 minutes or the leak will drop on the print.

Is there service manual or assembly/disassembly manual for the print head? It would be easier to clean it totally disassembled. And is there the whole printhead as spare part if I’m not be able to seal it? I might be willing to buy one anyway, would save time to just replace it fully.

EDIT: Hotair station, soldering microscope, microtweezers and 20 minutes later it was clean and seems to be sealed.

Pour nous qui la possedon depuis bientot 1 moi il nous est impossible d’imprimez de grand object ya toujours un decallage kelke part ou elle fait carement n’importe koi et le filament colle mal aux socle dommage je reviens sur une k8400

Djsnake, Have you tried using a brim on the object. Remeber to always clean the buildtak surface (isoprpyl alcohol or similar) before printing. Yiu can also chack the calibration with the “Check x, y, z, center” commands explainend in the manual. If the printhead is ton exactly on the printbed at 0.0 you will not be able to make a succesful first layer.

It is important that when you dissasemble the nozzle you clean the sealing surface (round face of the nozzle and heatbreak) thoroughly. Also when reassembling you need to heat up the nozzle and then tighten it to create a good seal.

Sorry, forgot to reply. I managed to fully clean the nozzle with bit of help with chemicals and printer has been now working nicely. It does not have any leaks either, I probably didn’t use enough heat when tightening it last time. I also decided to not to install the replacement fan but with better VAPO bearing fan.

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