Nozzle Cleaning

My printer suddenly prints way to thin. I already cranked up the extrusion multiplier to 1.2. That helped some but now it is happening again.

I also noticed that when I manually extrude some filament it’s coming out diagonal not straight. Could it be that the nozzle is partial blocked?

I’d try and clean it but I’m not really sure how to do it. Is there an official nozzle cleaning procedure?

Can you post a video or a picture? It’s easier to determine what the problem is that way.

Here is a picture of my latest print. As you can see the top layers are missing a lot of plastic. Also during the print the infill looked more like thin spider webs and not like honey combs.

My guess is that the nozzle is partial blocked by burnt plastic or whatever and so what was a clean 0.5 nozzle is now probably more a 0.35 nozzle.

While trying to unmount the nozzle I found a few loose screws around the extruder. Let’s see if tightening them resolves the issue.

I had the same problem, you just have to adjust the amount of top layers in the setting to one or more layers extra