Nozzle alternatives for the K8400?

Hi all!

I’ve been printing a lot with my Vertex. One thing that comes with heavy printing is the issue of nozzles wearing out and having to change them from time to time. (Also, the last couple of weeks, there seem to be a shortage of new standard K8400-nozzles from the suppliers I’m using, really hoping it’s not a continuing shortage.)

Are there any K8400-fitting alternative nozzles out there, like stainless steel or just anything harder and more resistant to wear than brass?

I’ve seen some have switched to E3D-hotends altogether, with more readily available M6-nozzle alternatives (like the innovative Olsson Ruby;, but not going through all that hassle, any Velleman/M7-alternatives out there?

Also, any tips for changing nozzles as is? It’s not really that easy, takes time and quite some effort to get the parts unstuck.