Not sure what's wrong


I’m new to 3d printing and from Germany, so sorry for my bad english in advance.

After assembled the K8600 I’m not able to get a useable result.
I tried printing the priranha and a ring but both very ugly.

I tried the hints from velleman’s support section without improvement.
The belts are ok from my pov. And there is enough oil on the rods.

Maybe anyone here has another idea what I can do to get a better result.

Best regards,

You should post a picture of the failed print.


sorry for the delay. I did nearly a complete reasembly to find the cause.
I believe it’s somewhere in the Y-Axis movement parts.

Here a picture of a try to print piranha:
and one of a ring:

I recorded some videos of a calibration try and movement parts:


It looks like you nozzle is to close to the bed.
The calibration instructions call for a single sheet of paper.
Try using 3

Thank you for the reply.
I did the calibration a few times, everytime at least a piece of paper was fitting between.
Now also with 3 pieces.

What do you think about the videos?
I think the hotend holder on the Y-Axis is not moving smoothly and stucks.
Any idea what I can do?

It looks like the fan is not mounted correctly.
Is it rubbing on the plastic holder?
You may want to loosen the belt just a little to see if that helps.

I have used the new procedure to calibrate the Z axis and found that 2 or 3 sheets of paper work better.
I started with 1 then tried 2 and stopped with 3.

Just had another thought.
The pulley that is mounted on the Y axis motor.
Is it rubbing on the motor?
It the belt rubbing on the plastic holder?

Yes, the pulley on the Y-Axis is something I’m wondering about as the belt moves down on the plastic part.

Regarding the fan, I think it is loosen enough. Pls see here:

But the movement of the Y-Axis looks strange to me.
I removed the hotend part and the belt.
But it is still not smooth moving:

Are the brass or copper (or whatever they are) guides pushed all of the way into the holder?
Do you have any light machine oil to put in them?

I have started a blog about my Nano-printer. There you will find my solution to the binding on the y-axis.

Happy printing

oz9ny you saved my day(s).
With the hints in your blog I got it working really better.

Many thanks to all.

Same Problem like my Nano.
The Y-Axis is hard to move.
I milled a nearly 4mm cut in through the single Bushing of the Hotend Holder. Now it move freely. An the Prints are OK.