Not sticking to bed - in some places

some of my prints don’t stick to the bed. this only happens from 3/4 of the bed from opposite end of home…

if I print the Vertex logo in the centre of the be of move in in the positive y axis it fine it just on the far side.

can some one please help…

thanks for your time

You are printing on the buildtak with regular PLA?
At which degrees do you print?

Also make sure your bed is correctly leveled, this can make a huge difference. I have to say that after a bit the buildtak doesn’t work that great anymore so I started putting painters tape on the glass, this made it stay really well. After that I changed the bed with a heated bed, so I was also able to print ABS without warping.

But a good first layer is really important for a good stick to the bed, just play a bit with it. Using painterstape, gluestick, … Eventually you find a working solution :slight_smile:

hi Tommeysen,
thank for the repley.

to answer your questions.

  1. yes I am using the buildtak that came standard with the printer.
  2. PLA that I use is the regular PLA.
  3. the extruder temp in reapetier is set at 210 on the printer main setting I have set it to 195 min to 210 max

if I print the vertex logo in the centre of the build area y = 73. something it fine, at y -100 the to of the logo in some places has not filled in fully.
some time it can print 15 layer before it pops off and some time it prints on may be 3 layers before it become a big blob of burnt PLA and other time it prints almost perfect.

I have know idea on how to level the bed I got the company that I bought the printer from to build it.

but this seem like to me that it could not be the bed level problem for as I say if I try and print the same thing with the same in the same place different thing happen.

I cleaned the bed with surgical spirits, I have oiled the rods hoping that may be that could of been the problem. but still the same thing. every time I print passed the Y-90 it never comes out right.

thanks for your time

You can find the instructions to level bed in this link.

Print PLA at 190C this is a good starting point.
In Cura change the Retraction Speed to 110mm
Retraction Distance to 4mm

Hi, wrong way,
thanks for the info on levelling the bed it’s now working perfectly.

Glad to hear that helped