Not Printing were it suppose to

Im trying to print a S3 Case and its not printing right

I had Posted before the the same problem and they said it was the belts i already tightened em and it still did the same and i loosened em and i still cant get it to print right

i already set the motor drivers to .55

Did you get any end-stop hits? Check the log file.
Upgrading to firmware V2 can help to avoid this.
Make sure all stepper drivers are set to 0.5V-0.55V and make sure all motors turn smoothly.

How do i check the log file im new to this havent been able to get it workin and how do i update the firmware to v2?

The logfile is shown in the bottom frame of the repetier window.
Check if there are any error messages like endstop hit or similar.

For information on how to update the firmware look here :

V2 firmware fixed this for me.

Glad to hear it’s working.

Happy printing!

From your picture and the fact that V2 was the fix you still may have a problem.
Make sure the 2 wires for the Y end stop are not rubbing on the frame in the back of the machine.

Original poster hasn’t been back to say V2 fixed it. I just jumped in to reaffirm the suggestion, as I had this and V2 did help.

I really need to pay more attention.