Not cooling with extruder 1 or 1 extruder

i’ve been printing for a few weeks now and recently (last week) added the second extruder and updated the firmware. Now i noticed that the cooling of the extruder (which are original) do not run when i print with the extruder head i already had. I have made a filament profile for 190deg pla printing since i wanted to give it a try after reading about the surface finish here. Is there a minimum temp before the cooling starts running? i’m nonplussed about it doing this only for one head and not for the other. here’s an image of the filament profile:

Right now i’m printing with the second (newer) head which appears to work fine. Any ideas would be welcome:)

Is it just for the first layer and then it turns on?

Ya, it looks that way… It does switch on every time and I’m never far when it’s printing, so I notice when it’s not cooling. I’ll run some tests tomorrow when I got my z-axis top bearing installed. Encountered some issues with that and it’s past my bedtime. I’ll post here what it does exactly and how and when

I did find this in the instructions.

The first layer follows the same process as printing with one colour, only the skirt has a few more loops and it sits closer to the object. This is done as the ooze shield uses the skirt as a base so its a bit bigger for a good adhesion to the builplatform. The fans attached to the printhead do not turn on, on the first layer when printing with two nozzles. This is normal.

You can find this in this link.