Not a connection to my PC

I assembled the printer USB board and it seems to be working, the green power LED lights up and the other LED starts blinking for a short while then stops. Adjust all 4 motors to 0.425V. With USB cable no reaction from my PC. Used PC with XP and PC with Vista and a PC with WIN7, no reaction.
What can I do for the next step?

Did you install the required driver as the instruction says?
Please check in your device manager if the device driver is available.

~ Tectu

If you have installed the driver try the following.

Press the reset button on the control board.
If it does respond then go into the printer settings.
Under connection make sure that “Reset on Connect” is set to “Disabled”

Under tab connection I can not see “Reset on Connect”
Version V0.84 is correct?

I did the following:

Laptop with Win XP.
Download Drivers CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified.exe
(how can I see if the driver is correct loaded?)
No power conneted at k8200
USB cable in laptop/K8200
Configuratiescherm/Systeem/Hardware/Apparatenbeheer/Poorten/ Communicatiepoort (COM1)
No reaction
Download Repetier-Host
Install Repetier-Host
Start Repetier-Host and get “RepetierHost has encountered a problem and needs to close”
So I cannot start Repetier-Host.

Next try.

Other laptop with Win Vista.
Download Drivers CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified.exe
Message “u hebt niet de benodigde bevoegdheden voor deze bewerking”
(So I think the driver is not installed.)

Download Repetier-Host 0.84 windows
Install Repetier-Host
Start Repetier-Host
I cannot fill in the COM port (do not know and cannot see)
When I switch to connect (left-up) I see down “de poort COM1 bestaat niet”

Whats happening here?

I’m using 0.90c
You should upgrade to it.

Please help me !!

Laptop with Win Vista.
Download Drivers CDM v2.08.30 WHQL Certified.exe
Intalled them as an Administrator.

How can I see where the are installed ??

Connect the K8200 via USB to laptop
Green and red leds ar burning.

I can not find the COM port

Download Repetier-Host 0.84 windows
Install Repetier-Host
Start Repetier-Host
Not any respons.

Please help me!

I think I find the problem.
One of the contacts insite of the USB plug on the K8200 did not make contact.
With a very thin wire I bend it a bit.
Now the computer is reacting and I can see temperature and move the extruder.
Thanks for the help.

Now I will test the other functions.

Same problem i had. No solder on the rightmost pin. (that is 5v to the board).

Seems welleman have some manufacturing problems? :wink:

Defective boards can be returned for inspection/repair to:

Velleman Projects repair dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Please include a fault description.

Order code for a spare board: VK8200/SP
Sorry, no direct sales. Please order the board from a Velleman distributor.

Thank you.