No signal, no connection?

I have just bought the WFS210.
I have downloaded the software ver from Valleman website and installed on PC Windows 8.1 64bit.
I can turn the device on, the hotspot lamp is slowly flashing.
I see the nice demo mode picture on the screen.
But I cannot see any live signal coming from the unit.
I try in wifi and USB. Nothing.
When I try to connect wifi, the dialog offers me several IPs. Which one to choose? None of them gives me a picture with live signal.
When I try to connect with USB, the dialog offers me COM5. But that generates error.

So the only thing I can see is the nice demo mode.

In this forum I see many problems.
Can you save me all the trouble and give me a hint, how to be able to deal with my electronics work instead of tweaking with osciloscope software?

Thank you all.