No "print from SD" and DIAGONAL ROD drops from a magnet while printing

Hi All, assembly and calibration went all well.
1° But if I put a gcode file on a SD and insert it it doesn’t show “print from SD card”. I luckily could print connecting to my laptop
2° With the first prints, each time one of the DIAGONAL ROD is falling of from the printhead magnet. Which of course distroyes my print

What can I do???

Hello FrankHermie,

It seems there is a calibration problem (mechanical)
You can check step by step these issues § CALIBRATION ISSUES and adjust where possible

Check also the magnets, so that the silver coating is not damaged.
If so, magnet must be replaced as it loses its magnetic strength.

Check this also, see picture below. (The bottom screws for the rods may be properly tightened).

Hopes this help you further and hope it will solve your problem.
Best Regards,

Velleman support