No Filament after one hour


I´m Berti from Germany. My english is not so the best.
I trie to tell you my Problem.
I have my K 8400 since a half Year and the Resluts was very fine.

Since one Week i habe a new Problem whith the Filamet by printing.

The Printjob begins okay and looks fine. After one hour, or in my case
at 4mm there come no Filament out of the Nozzle.
From time to time there come a litle fit Filament out but not enough.

I trie the following Things:

  • Take a new spool of Filament
  • use the other Extruder
  • clean the Nozzle
  • take an other Driver for Extruder
  • print slowlyer
  • print whith higher temperature 210 C°
  • use an other Laptop whith fresh Repetier and original settings

I want to say that i use an J-Haed.

I had the same problem with my prints.
The first time it was a loose pulley. but second time was something different.
I printed an object with different small part on the top.
thats when it went wrong.

The filament is pulled out the printer head when it have to move to an other location.
and then in again to print a little bit.

All the time the filament is traveling up and down the extruder. At some point the filament is slipping in the extruder! it just didn’t have any grip anymore.

I solved mine problem whit printing a new extruder i found on

Okay, i find the Solution für the Problem.
The retract settings was 9mm. I change it to 3mm.
Now he prints good results again.

Berti I’m trying to create a post with our prints and related settings … you can post pictures and care settings here:
soon I’ll do it too, I serve at all to improve your prints