No data sent from WFS210

I have a WFS210 that is 2-3 months old. At first I could connect, and occasionally I could receive data. Now I can connect easily to the WFS210, but I cannot receive any data. The iPad app has a hard time updating, ie: clicking buttons are only refreshed if you tap the appropriate channel button after changing another value. I see a quick blip of the “sending signal” light when you tap the channel button, but no waveform data is ever seen.

I can get the serial number, connecting with an iPad Air 2

Thanks! I would love to start using this product


Hi make sure you have the latest app version(1.1).
Also make sure the place is not crowded with other wifi source. This could jam the signal.
Rebooting the wfs210 could help because everytime the wfs210 reboots its selects the best possible wifi channel.
And sometimes that could fail.

Make sure the scope is not connected to a PC when measuring the circuit because this could result in different ground levels.