No communication after Repetier upgrade

I can run my printer with version 0.84 but not with .95F (the newest version that Velleman includes on the download page).

I installed the 8201 controller and installed Merlin 2 on the main controller. The printer will print from the SD card and version .84 but none of the later versions.

In version .84 the com port has several settings beside the baud rate (stop bit, parity and such). The newer version of Repetier does not have these settings. What am I missing?

Hi Battman540,

in Repetier Host’s Printer Settings, Connection tab, make sure that you’ve selected “Serial Connection”, not “Virtual Printer” from the drop-down menu.

Only one settings differs from RH 0.84: Reset on Connect, should be “Disabled”.


Thanks for replying.

The connection is set to Serial Connection but the printer ignores all commands if I use the .95 version. Works perfect with .84

I’ll check the “Reset on Connect” setting this evening.

I just checked the settings and nothing seems to work. The software acts as if it is connected to the printer but no commands are accepted. The printer still works fine with the older version…

I’m not sure what to do at this point. The new software is really nice but I can’t seem to get it to work.

Sorry dude, it seems like you’ve flashed your firmware from the controller board. I’ve done these mistake too and had the same problems. No communication with repetier host, and cura drove directly into the bed. so be watchful to plug out the power supply if necessary. I’ve done a reprap ramps 1.4 controllerboard modification to solve the communication poblem. now also repetier host is working.


Just wondering why you keep saying that flashing the board is bad.
I have built 3 of these machines and flashed all 3 with no problem.

I think that you misunderstand the problem. The printer works perfectly with the 8201 controller and Repetier .84

I can run Repetier .95 but it will not communicate with the printer. It thinks that it has a connection but I can’t command the printer in manual control. I see the commands stack up but I am getting no response from the printer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Right now I’m stuck with using .84

Is you baud rate set to 250000?


I used the current download from the Velleman site that includes .95 and the newer version of the Slic3r as well as the .ini files (a very nice and complete download package).

I have also tried other versions and get the same problem. Repetier thinks it is connected but isn’t.

I also have done a complete un-install and reinstall of the software. Also other USB ports have been tried.

Version .84 works perfect…

Hi Battman540,

could you post a screenshot of Repetier Host’s Printer Settings window and the log entries after connecting (i.e. below the OpenGL and “Using fast VBOs” lines)?


I think I have figured out the problem. I set the Reset on Connection to “Disable” again and now I see traffic flowing from the printer. I did try this earlier and did not have any effect.

I’m in the middle of a print right now so as soon as it finishes I can try the connection without the K8201 in control.

If I remember correctly, the default that I saw after the install was DTR low-high-low. To be honest I have tried so many things that I’m not sure what I have done but it appears to be communicating as I see data coming from the printer saying what byte it is on from the SD print. Pretty sure that this is a good sign.

Thanks for you help!

The most important step is to upload the image to some webserver, afterwards you can use the [img] tag to link it here. Note that the server sould not require a script or login to access the image file; in such a case (e.g. Dropbox), only a link is possible, but the tag won’t work.
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Thanks for the image posting information. This works completely different from the other forums I subscribe to. They all have an upload image function.

Thanks again for all of your help!

Latest update.

Repetier .95 is now working but it crashes at the end of each print job. Anybody else seen this?