No automatic printer install by windows

So after finishing the printer this week I started on the “using the printer” part of the manual. Everything seems to go fine but it seems the printer won’t automatically install on my laptop as described below (from the manual):

[quote=“Manual”]After installing this driver you can connect the USB cable with a free USB port on your computer (do not connect the power cable of the printer, we will do this in a later stadium). And follow the steps for your operating system:

PC (WIN 7)

The PC will continue and install the driver for the printer and you will have to check the number of the COM port to use in the configuration of Repetier later.[/quote]

So as highlighted my PC won’t continue and install the driver for the printer. I’ve looked for a software download but can’t find any.

Extra info:

  • I do see the printer as a COM port
  • I am albe to connect with Repetier, I don’t get the firmware response though.
  • I do have those nice shiny leds both on at the printerboard.

I hope anyone of you has a clue, and thank you already for the responses.

Some extra information after some tests.

  • When connecting with RepetierHost (I’m using version V0.95F since that was the lowest available) I’ll always get 3 or 4 commands expected in the lower bar. I don’t measure any temperatures (Extruders: 0,00 °C/Off)
  • The ftdi drivers seems to work correctly: The installation of the driver ftdiport.inf_amd64_3aae158a0d1c18e3\ftdiport.inf voor apparaat-id FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6001+A604390UA\0000 is completed with the following status: 0x0.

I’ll try updating the firmware next but hope someone has any tips or experienced something like this.

More information:

I should have metioned that I’m running Windows 10.

When trying to update the firmware I won’t get any response from the LED’s on the board. It seems there’s still something blocking the connection. Aruino bouncing back with timeout.


So, situation is the same, however I just discovered I got no shining LED on the power supply.

So, I’ve been incredibly stupid and had no voltage on my power supply… Everything’s functioning now…

Problem solved…