Newbie to dmx

Hi I bought and built the K8062 to get me started withy DMX i am having real trouble getting anything to work
It may be m y issue not knowing how to programme I am trying with a simle led par can
I have tried various bits of software but am having no luck at all could you point me in the direction of a good tutorial or perhaps give me some hints I don’t actually know if the interface is working although teh power light comes on and teh dmx led flashes

Have you downloaded the “Software developent Kit” from: … 8062&type=
The package includes some instructions and example programs written in Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi.
Have you also downloaded the “DMX demo and test software” and got your DMX fixture working with it?

Thanks for your assistance I now think I have made an error in construction Is there a document that would assist me with Fault finding - ie give voltage measurements at certain points and or waveform indications
It doesn’t matter which software I try or if I try the standalone test i get absolutely no response from my effect
the dmx led tends to flash at a constant rate should that vary with dmx signal?

You may test the K8062 operation by running the program DMX_demo.exe.
The DMX signal LED should start flashing when the program is run (as seems to be the case).
Next you can check the voltages on the DMX output connector:
Between terminals 1 and 2 there should be about 0.8V and between terminals 1 and 3 there should be about 4.1V.
Then adjust all the eight DMX Value sliders to max position.
Now there should be between terminals 1 and 2 about 0.7V and between terminals 1 and 3 there should be about 4.2V.
The most important is to see that the voltage changes a little when the sliders are moved to max position.

[quote]the dmx led tends to flash at a constant rate should that vary with dmx signal?[/quote]This is OK. The LED flashes at a constant rate.

Once again thank you for your assistance i shall try that this evening

Thanks for your help on the above turned out it was typical cabling problem I had shortened my cables and got a couple of crossovers in there - didn’t stand a chance really

I am having the same issues what do you mean typical cabling problem? What did you do?

I am a new to the world of small (ish) scale electrics.

I am experiencing exactly the same issues.

My LED flashes at a constant rate even in battery test mode when the manual says it should change with the number of presses.

or am I misunderstanding the issue here?

Kind regards