Newbee question about K8090

Hi all.

Im new here. :slight_smile:

I just recived a K8090 USB set today. I have some things im planning on controlling.

I have a garageport that will turn on/off if i “loop” a signal. So i have plug in a dobble wire to the motor.

If i connect the wire the motor runs. So it works.

I have pluged it in to my new K8090. When i press “1” on the board the light on 1 goes on, but it dosent work.

So my question is. Is there something wrong whit the board or ???

Can you link to a diagram of your hook-up?

Yes i will make one later.

just one thing. If i take a new K8090 board, plug it in to USB, install driver, etc. and then ex. take a 12dc powersupply put in one of the wire to “port 1” and the ofther wire directly to a device. Then a new wire from port one to the device. Will the K8090 provide 12DC when i press “1” manuel ?

To short en everything:

I understand the K8090 works like this. Press 1 and relay light 1 goes on and the two connecter in port 1 makes a signal goes true. press 1 again and there is no connection between the two connection in the relay port 1.

Correct ???

Yes, this is one of the available modes.

I tested my board and can´t get it to send anything out. Then there is no diffrent between turn off or turn on.

So maybee my board is defect ?

Do you hear the relays click?
What power supply did you use to power the board? Did you measure the power supply?

The relay doesn’t say click. I tried USB power, and 12V 500mA.

WEEEEEE…Got it to work :slight_smile: very nice. I plug in a 12DC 1am powerslupply and wupti it works :slight_smile:

anyway is there any software out there for controlling the actions on the relay ?, i mean im not a programmer. What i need is the first 4 relays to be “on” for about 2 seconds.

Thanks for the tips/help