NEW Vertex Repetier Version!

Hi All!

We’ve released a new version of our Vertex software (Repetier 1.6.2).

Download link here => … downloads/

Feel free to post your remarks here in the comment section below.

The Velleman Projects Team


Installed this version on a fresh windows 10 installation.
No Vertex profiles for Dual Head, Singel Head, PLA
Only “default” profile, for both printer, CuraEngine and Filament.
Defaults to slic3r slicer.

Extruder 1: Set to diamer 0.4
Printer shape not the same as on older version. Defaults to 200x200

had to manualy adjust all the printers / slicer settings from my old computer.

Either a manual / readme file - telling that to adjust, or already adjuset in the installation package for default would be nice.Now you install the new version, and use the online manual that describes the earlier version there you should not adjust parameteres your printer, witch you clearly should… ?

Hello, is it possible to print both the supports and the part with the same extruder (the one on the left, number 2) in the version of repetier host 1.6.2? The software systematically refuses and does not take into account what I ask: to know to print my part and the supports with the extruder 2 and therefore makes the slicing with the extruder 1. I use the configuration two heads, everything is Configured correctly, for example: printing the media with “any of the extruders”, printing the object parameterized with the extruder 2, but it is impossible, it always uses the extruder 1 for the part and shifts me The printing of the supports with the extruder 2. I do not know if I was very explicit. It is annoying because this new version would suit me better. Thank you for your answers.