New to 3d Printing

Help Please.

I have a K8200 Kit, I have now assembled it and spent over a week trying to get it to print. I have a glass plate on the print bed as I was advised that its much better to print on but I just cant seem to get it working properly.

This is the results I am getting at the moment. I have tried to drop the z axis by a very small amount but then the print comes out like toothpaste and ends up getting caught up on the hotend.

Any help would be appreciated.

What Material and temperature did you use?
Was the heatbed on? (what temp?)

Did you clean the Glass with alcohol or glass cleaner before?

What is your nozzle distance to the bed?

Printing PLA at 190c
Bed is at 57c

Cleaned the glass with alcohol after every attempt.

Nozzle distance is about the high of 2 pieces of paper.

Edit. I am very new to this 3d printer thing so I apologize in advance for any stupid mistakes I may have made.

Try to step up the temp in 5°C steps, but don’t go over 220°C.
Black filament often needs a bit more temp tha lighter coloured ones.

If that doesn’t help try lowering the nozzle distance to about 1 sheet of paper thickness.
You can also try to put a very slight coat of hairspray on the glass, to help the filament adhere better.

Giving that a go now with the higher temp. I’ll see what happens shortly.

For some reason its not heating past 190c I have changed the temp in slic3r and the printer config settings.

Look for temp commands in your start g-code (Slic3r settings)
If there are any, slic3r doesn’t generate temp commands in the sliced output g-code.

You’re too high off the glass I think.

You can turn the Z axis by hand at the beginning of the print to adjust the Z height till it works, then go back and adjust the Z stop later.

Playing around with the zaxis height and it doesn’t seem to be putting out enough plastic onto the bed.

Hmm… running on a hunch here, the stock K3200 extruder takes 3mm filament. Are you using the wrong size filament?

And how did you add the glass to the print bed? Did you have to adjust the extruder head height from the bed?

The glass is held on with clips and the z axis has been adjusted to match. The filament I am using is the test piece that came with the printer. I have check and it is a little over 3mm

I’m no expert here, but I would try heat up the extruder head 200C, hold back the lever / clamp that secures the filament, then gently and manually push some of the filament into the head. It takes some steady pressure to do it and I would wear a glove to prevent any oil from your hand from contaminating the filament.

Also did you try adjusting the set screw on the extruder head? Maybe its simply not gripping the filament properly?

After playing around with it alot its now printing. The problem i have now is where the print stops it seems to hold the head there long enough to melt that section into a blob of plastic and ruin the print.

Hmmm… that could be a Repetier issue, after slicing the model, it should add homing message for the extruder head to move away from the model and “park”. You might want tocheck the GCode if it does that.

I had a recent problem with my K8200 where it was also sitting ontop of the model burning it away. But the print stopped because of an error and that is why the extruder head parked like that. Normally, when it successfully finished a print, it’ll park the head.

How did you fix the other problem?

I re-leveled the bed again and kept playing with the z stop until it was printing. the issue i am having now is the first print stickes but if i clean the glass and try again without letting the glass cool it doesnt stick. trying with some hairspray now.

Get some cheap hair spray.
put a very light coat on the glass.
Give it a few minutes to dry before you start your print.

Hey so now I have it kinda working on 1 laptop but now i have the exact same settings on my laptop (the 1 that will be primarily used for printing) and it seems like its not pushing out enough plastic. and less than the other times i print with the other computer.

ANy ideas?