New scope- does it have code upgrade?

Hello. I just got a new hps140 today. How can I tell if it has the new code? Thanks for your great support.

At turn-on, the unit displays the software version in the lower right corner. (latest: 1112, previous: 1041)

Important information about HPS140 firmware versions.

Fact: Firmware continuously evolves.
The latest firmware (1112) as opposed to 1041 features improved triggering.
Please note that this firmware upgrade is not mandatory, it is not a bug-fix.
This improvement will go unnoticed for most customers.
Only customers that use the unit for measurements on elevated frequencies will benefit from this improvement.

If you return your unit for a firmware upgrade, please note that you will be charged for shipping and handling.
Make sure to specify ‘firmware update’.

Return address:

Velleman Projects Tech Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

Units must be returned WITHOUT accessories such as probes, power supplies, bags, etc…