New K8800 vertical slides

hi all,

i have a new K8800 3d printer.
I’ve tried to do some prints but most of the time they fail.

the calibration always succeeds without errors, but when printing the first layer, the printer hits the print bed
i also have layer shifting in some prints.

the vertical slides do not move very smoothly.
I measured the vertical slides, they are 71.5mm

this is a picture from the top, with one screw mounted for the rod

i found this on the forum

as long as I can’t make good prints I can’t make this upgrade

Hi all,

in the meantime I have successfully made some adjustments to the printer.

I removed the conical screws, because these pulled the rods open.

now the rods are a fraction closer to each other.
i also used more oil (sewing machine oil) and now everything moves very smoothly.

it has been printed for several hours now and everything looks good :smiley:

Hello JanMe,

Well done. :+1: Very good solution!

Best regards,
Velleman support