New k8400 y axis not working

I just finished assembling my vertex k8400 and my Y axis is not receiving any type of command from the board

I searched for ways to make it work and tryed those test so far

X axis working perfectly I swapped the connection with the y from the board keeping the wiring as is and then the y was the one moving perfectly and the x was now completely lifeless , it’s not trying to move, its not unaligned as once I flipped the connection the end stop was working as suposed to

I also tryed both of the firmware available on the website and still when I press home or when I try to control the axis, z and x works just fine but no movement or atempts from the y

Hello @Holyscar
So for me, the Y motor and is cables are correctly working ! it can be the driver or motherboard … or … the endstop … or ?

Have you tried swapping out the X with the Y stepper motor drivers?
(be sure to disconnect the main power before removing, reconnecting anything from / to the motherboard)

This way you can check whether the driver is the culprit or not.

May be the g-code M119 can help you to check if the endstop are working correctly …

And after fixing this problem, if you don’t know this wiki (if it’s still available / working) I found some great tips for the K8400 here :

So i tryed to swap the stepper motors and i found directly what was the problem , the one that was defect was plugged upside down on its connection on the board, tryed moving it around and puting it the right way and everytime, the motor it conect to goes unresponsive

Sorry to tell you that the stepper driver is dead (does not survive the inversion / plugged upside down) … you have to change it with a new one.