New extruder, getting too hot?


I’ve had a few issues in the past with the thermistor on the side of the old extruder and had to replace then several times, so when I learnt of the new extruder with the thermistor inside of it I decided to buy one!

Now I’ve just assembled it and tried to run a print at my usual settings - print temp 210degrees with pla and it’s smoking and the pla is running almost as a liquid out of the nozzle I tried turning the temp down and even at 170 it seems to be streaming out almost as a liquid.

I’ve also just noticed that around the thermistor the extruder has gone black?

Any help will be much obliged.

Thank you in advance!



210C seems a little to hot for PLA.
try to back it down to 190C

Have you checked the resistance at the plug of therm 1?
Do this at room temp, normally it should be around 100K give or take.

Hi Aleck002,

which extruder (or hotend) is that?