New E3D-v6 HotEnd released

Hi Guys,

It’s Sanjay from E3D here - I notice quite a lot of you guys are using our hotends on your machines, which is awesome!
I just thought I’d pop in and let you all know that we’ve released our newest hotend the E3D-v6 which has a whole bunch of improvements like being smaller, easier to put together, and better performance with more types of filament.

Because it is a little bit smaller it might not work exactly with the current mounts that already exists, so some fan ducts might be need to be adjusted and other bits tweaked. I don’t actually have a K8200, but I thought I’d make myself available to you guys for questions and guidance so you can get the best out of the hotend.

If you want to see our info video and all the gory technical details you can find them here: … blog_id=21

If you’ve any questions do just ask and I’ll do what I can. I really want to encourage people to design mounts etc for everyone to use, so if there is any technical info needed for that just ask away. You can also find the complete technical drawings for our hotends on our site.


Hi Sanjay,

that’s great news.

A version of the printable K8200 mount with dimensions adapted to the E3D v6 is already underway. Here’s a first view:


I saw this news via e-mail yesterday. It looks nice, being smaller etc… But I don’t think the upgrade from a V5 to a V6 will make that much of a difference. Or are there good examples that you can give where the v6 will perform visible better then the v5?

I share ur point of view.
Let’s ask E3D online about parts compatibility from V5 to V6 :wink:
PS : grrr I brought and receive the V5 last week … LOL

I share ur point of view.
Let’s ask E3D online about parts compatibility from V5 to V6 :wink:
PS : grrr I brought and receive the V5 last week … LOL[/quote]
Then you’ve made a good choise. The v5 is very good and works extremly well with the K8200.
So don’t worry.
The v6 will still need to proove itself :slight_smile:



update: there are a few tweakable things left, mostly due to the more compact design, but the first version is definively already printable:

Left / blue is the v6 version, right / yellow the v5 for comparison.

The difference in height is easily noticable, as is the reduced diameter of the heatsink cutout. Although it’s smaller, the v6 mount does look a bit heavier, while the v5 version has a sort of light touch to it. But that’s mostly perspective, actually the v6 has some very thin sections even though I already reduced the free diameter in the airduct.

Fan size still 30 x 30 mm, the (when mounted) lower edge of the fan flushes with the mount. However, the screw heads will protrude a bit, about 0.7 mm. Shouldn’t be a problem since the hotend can still be rotated freely (i.e. the screw heads don’t collide with the heater block), but on the other hand it’s also not really necessary, so perhaps I’ll change this in the final version.

Apart from restricting the design in some places, the reduced dimensions of the v6 heatsink also allow some refinements of the mount which were not possible in the v5 version. Maybe it’ll be two different designs this time for the single and split versions for that matter.


Really busy shipping v6 orders right now, demand has been way way higher than anticipated. Will come back later and reply to all of your questions in detail soon.

Will get kuraasu some free parts so he can test/refine developments for all you guys on these machines. Look forward to seeing what you can do with the new v6!

Kuraasu - Having a really hard time with high workload, and can’t get into the forum system to reply to your PM on our forums. Can you get in touch via our “contact us” form on our website so we can get you some free stuff to develop with!


Hi Sanjay,

sure, no problem. Thanks for the info and the kind offer!


I ordered mine today and a few hours later, I already got an e-mail saying that my order is shipped. Can’t wait to recve the hotend.


update: there are a few tweakable things left, mostly due to the more compact design, but the first version is definively already printable:


Hey kuraasu,

that looks great!

is it be possible to get the stl file for the v6 mount even it is not perfect yet? i will get the v6 the next days and it would be great to have it.

Thanks in advance bzw. danke :wink:


Hi David,

sure, I planned to get it up to Thingiverse as a first version this weekend anyways. I’ll put a note in the description of the v5 mount once it’s online, that should help in case the search function doesn’t find it …


Thank you very much, kuraasu!

That’s looking nice…
I will test that mount as soon as it’s available.
Thx for the hard work!

Which one we need for k8200 ?
v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 3.00mm Direct
v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 3.00mm Bowden

I don’t understand what bowden means… … -extruder/

Kurasu, I have printed this mount last night, thought about installing it today.

Do you have bigger image how it should be installed, the one on the top is really small?


Hi kulla,

for some reason I only got the thumbnail link when I wrote that post, but now it should be the link to the full image. There are also photos showing both hotend and mount in the v5 thing on Thingiverse, the principle is exactly the same.

The outline of the mount top section (the “groove” part) is symmetrical, so it will fit into the cutout on the lower side of the extruder both ways, either with the hotend fan blowing front to back, or vice versa. If you have all printed parts ready, just unmount the original hotend and see how the mount fits in between the long M3 nuts that stick out the lower side of the extruder.


edit: typo

Ok, will do.

Tnx a lot both for explanation and design :slight_smile:

Which quality improvement could be expected by the replacement of original Nozzle with E3D-V6 Extruder?
And which kind of quality improvements?

I would like to get some user experiences. Thanks.


I recently switched to E3D v6 HotEnd (Direct) on my k8200, however I have problems with layers not sticking to each other…

Print quality is superb, Z-axis is set, first layer sticks nice but every layer on does not stick well.

Which adjustments are possible?