New communication error with y-axis and heated bed

Backstory: Printer worked for one job on windows xp. I have changed computers to windows 7 and now upon connection I am unable to move the y axis or power on the heated bed, and the bed temp reads 140C. Since everything problematic is on the same bus I am assuming it’s a connection problem, but I have not moved the printer nor have I seen any damage to the wires.

Are there any other elements of the printer I can check to better diagnose what’s wrong? I have the same problem no matter which version of Repetier I use.


X Axis control is buggy as well. To check mechanical error I switched x and y motor plug on board. The Y motor then began to work spotty and the x did not. I do not think it is the motor.

I flashed the board with the velleman firmware again. No difference.

You should connect it up to the XP machine
This should tell you if it’s the printer or the machine
Make sure you go through all of the settings on the Win 7 machine to make sure they are correct

The xp machine crashed and I could not get it to connect to the printer after the reinstall. It may be the way the printer is interfacing with win7. I have followed the repetier setup exactly. I will look into what more I can configure from the windows side of things, but I’m sure a reading of 140C from a cold heatbed is not good. This paired with the y axis not working is leading me to believe there is a problem with the bus, I will check for continuity as best I can.

Edit: unplugging the bed therm from the board still gives me a reading of 140c. Somehow it seems the whole bus isn’t working except the y-stop.

Would just like to update as everything is fine now. I resent my board in and recieved a functioning board, so the heated bed now is fine. With windows XP, I downloaded replicatorG software, I was just looking for alternative help the the drivers that came with it seemed to get RepetierHost .84 working on XP. Now on windows 7 I reinstalled everything and i’m printing beautifully.