New build issue --- err:mintemp -- ***HELP***

Whuz up my virtual colleages !! Need HELP !! New to 3D printing – Just finished building my Vertex k8400 — itching to build something with it for the first time but have run into a problem — uploaded the correct software for single head & pushed Marlin.ino to the flash chip. All loading correctly, but I am getting error message Mintemp on the printer LCD screen. ??

Check the extruder connector if its plugged in properly (mainboard and on the moving head)

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Also check if the Firmware version on the board is the same as the version you flashed.

Check the thermistor for proper connection (middle connectors)

I think I had the same issue if I remember correctly.
The heater cartridge cable-connector didn’t make proper contact.

Thanks for all who have responded thus far – it is greatly appreciated – I have checked the firmware on the LCD screen & it shows the exact firmware that was loaded – the firmware is the latest for the single head vertex 1 head V1.1 — also I forejudged to my computer the repetier printer host software – if I’m not mistaken there is only one host software – when I open it & look at the printer settings under extruder settings it showed 2 but I have not changed it to 1 — double checking all connections in a little bit – will respond again soon – thanks again everyone
Todd in the USA