Need LED to Flash Once Every 60 Seconds


Out of your kits, what can you recomend that can flash a single RED LED once about every 60 seconds?
It also needs to work on a +5V DC power supply.

Update 04/21/2014:
I just want to add that I purchased the MK111 Interval Timer and it works perfect for what I need. However when using +5 V it will not function. The LED just says lit. Would changing any of the values of the cap’s/resisitor make it work with 5 volts? My understanding is the 555 is functionable down to 5 volts.

You can remove D3 and replace it by a jumper, if you do not need polarity protection.
The relay will not function at 5V, but most likely you do not need it, so it can be omitted as well.

Yes, did not need the relay or polarity protection. Your advice worked perfectly and I am really happy with the results!

Thank you