Need K4100 microcontroller IC

Dear Velleman Support,

Some years ago, I bought K4100 pre-amplifier kit from Velleman Indonesia and today I just realized that there’s no VK4100 (PIC16C55 which already programmed by Velleman) inside the box when I soldering some component.
Velleman Indonesia has also dissappeared in Indonesia. :frowning:

Do you still have stock 1 pc VK4100 and is it possible if I buy it from you? My location is in Indonesia.
If there’s no stock anymore (obsolete product), would you send me the source code for VK4100 so that I can program bare PIC16C55 by myself?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you and best regards,


Where is the support from VELLEMAN? If from VELLEMAN itself I did not get an answer, to whom I had to ask for help on this issue? :frowning:

Is there anyone can help me?

I’m sure you’ll understand that our engineers do not work during the weekend.
There is no need to be impatient, you will get a reply.
We are currently trying to locate the correct source code for this item that has been obsolete since 2005!

Thanks for your kind reply.

Looking forward to hear from you …

Please check your email …

Many thanks to Velleman support & team, now I got the solution for my obsolete K4100 pre-amplifier.
I really proud to have Velleman product.
I will refer Velleman kit’s to my colleagues without any doubt to get trouble someday, because Velleman support and & team are really impressive!!