Need help with K8055 USB Board how do I control a toy motor

Hi there I am totally new to this type of learning , never used a hardware like this before , I want to get into robotics and saw this K8055 USB experiment interface board at Maplin , so I brought it , it works fine on Windows but I have no idea how can I make a simple Toy motor 1.5 v go forward and then stop ,

any direction would be much appreciated as I am really stuck here


You use digital output for turning on the motor, when you set digital output motor turns, and when you turn of motor turns off.

Please see this thread for the connection diagram: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5376
There is also a relay and a LED example connection in the diagram - ignore them.

Due to the voltage loss of the digital output of the K8055 you need to use 2.5V or maybe 3V external voltage source.