Need help understanding use of Cura

Hello everybody, i’m new to the K8200 owner world, i finished mine sunday and printed a rectangular piece and everything was ok, but then i printed a belt toothed wheel and the result was awful and took a long time to print, so i figured i use Cura, can anybody help me set it up and understanding what i have to modify in the Cura’s gcode to work on repetier?
And also, can anybody give me some tips on calibrating the z-axis? as it is a pain to calibrating…
thank you :slight_smile:

My personal preference is to ditch repetier for cura.

I intially ran cura to slice then import GCODE into Repetier as i didnt realise i could print direct once the coms settings were adjusted.

with a lot of experiance with cura at work its easier and more logical to work with. (easier to resolve some issues).