Need assistance with newly setup kit 8004

I assembled the 8004 kit and am running the 'TEST" noted on page 7 of the instructions.
Nothing is happening and am looking for some trouble shooting assistance. I went over
all the solder joints, all looks good. I double checked the orientation of all polarities… all looks good.
When I hook up the configuration as noted in the test instructions, apply 10 volts DC and apply a meter between the
47k resistor I get no reading on the voltmeter. When I take another (an additional) voltmeter and go across the
voltage applied to +V and ground I get a reading of 10volts, so I know the source voltage from the
power supply is working. Any trouble shooting tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

Well… OP here… if found the problem. Even a blind pig can find an acorn now and then.
I had D4 diode wired backwards. Repaired… works fine now.