Nano profile for Repetier Host (an possible for Cura)


I have both the Vertex and Vertex Nano -printers. As I already have the Repetier Host installed for the Vertex, it would be ideal to have the printer configuration files ( i.e. profiles) available separately so that the new printer could be added to the already installed Repetier.

If I’m correct, now I have to install the Repetier Host for Nano to another PC and then export the profile so that I can add it to the existing Repetier. I’m afraid that if I run the Repetier Host for Nano installation program on the old PC, the existing profile for the Vertex will be lost.


You still need to install the software separately. Because the size of the printer is different and other properties.

If you install the vertex nano repetier software you’ll need to uncheck something like “override existing cura profiles”