Naming gcode files

Earlier I wrote in “Issues while printing” that the printer does not accept my sliced modeles.

I think I have found out why.
The printer does not accept anything (?) except the 26 standard english letters. So if your swedish, finnish, danish, norwegian, german, etc and use “Å”, “Ä”, “Ö” or similar strange creatures the printer will not read the file at all and revert back to the Main view.

I would love to hear a comment from Velleman if this is the case, excactly what letters are accepted and if it is possible to in the next firmware do something about it.

You’re right some accented characters are not accepted by the printer and replaced by one or more “strange” characters. Probably because it’s using ASCII tables and not ANSI. An sometimes it prevents the printer from printing the file. To avoid this I’m naming all my STL files with English names. So they’re ready if I want to publish them on Thingiverse.