My printer

hi all

this is my printer and as you see i changed some parts.
and as you can see the main changes are made to the Z-axis.
(to the poeple that did not do this and have a X/Y axis that skips steps. Change your Z axis!!!)
after i made the z-axis modification all my print never skipts steps.
i also dropped the Voltage back to 0.425 V.
and i can print at 100% speed, before i needed to print @ 50-75% speed.

as you see i added a second screw thread with a belt this way i can easylie change the hight by hand.

its still a work in progress but i though i will just show it how it is now.

It’s very nice, beatifull work.

But what the printing size now ?

Nice work, looks the publication of the draft of the changes you made on the printer :slight_smile:

X-axis = 174mm
Y-axis = 200mm
Z-axis = -5mm to 168mm

i also have the Proxxon dremel Mod on the the printer. :slight_smile:

But i also have a Glass plate on the printing bed with some clamps.
so the Size i allready limeted to 180 to 180mm

so i dont mind if the X-axis only gets to 174mm

and i allready planning to change the Z-axis so i will get the full height of 200mm Again.
as i sad its a work i progress :wink:

ok, how does changing the Z axis setup stop the X and Y axis from skipping steps?

it realy logic if you look at it.

the Z-axis is only hold on one side. the left side where the screw thread is.
durring printing that side does not go up and down because the screw thread hold it in place.

on the other hand you have the right side of the arm thats hold by a ball bearing.
durring printing @ 100% speed and its printing a honeycomb (as example) the X/Y axis makes short rapid movement.
that makes the printer shake all over the place. i measure the movement the rightside of the arm made with a finger dial. and it was going up and down allot! 3a5 mm.

so the extruder is bumping against the object your printing.

as i also have had the issue that if i print a object with a Small area on the printbed. the extruder knockt of the object.

after i made the adjustment to the z-axis all those problems where Gone.